The Sequential Signers feature allows you to control the order in which your document is signed. this feature becomes available for all signature requests in which two or more signers are indicated.  

To enable Sequential Signers:

  1. In the new Signature Request box, enter the first name, last name and email address of each signer who will sign the document(s) and click the blue “+ADD” button 
  2. After you add 2 or more signers, a checkbox labeled “Sequential Signers” will appear beneath the signers
  3. Click the “Sequential Signers” checkbox 
  4. You are now able to drag the signers in the order you would like them to sign the document(s).  A number next to each signer will indicate his or her order in the signing queue

*Note:  After you send the signature request with Sequential Signers enabled, all signers are notified of the signature request and are shown the signing order.  Access to the document itself, however, is given in order of the sequence*