An “Access Code” (also called a “Pin Code”) is an optional layer of security that you can use to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing documents sent for signing.

When you create a new Signature Request, a box will appear that prompts you to enter the names and email addresses of each signer.  Here, you can require that each signer enter an Access Code before being able to view and sign the document. 

To create an Access Code for your signature request:

  1. In the New Signature Request box, upload the document(s) you need signed, enter the Client Name and Matter Number 
  2. Below the Matter Number is a sliding button with the words “Require Access Code to Sign”, click the sliding button
  3. Enter the first name, last name and email address of each signer who will sign the document(s) and click the blue “+ADD” button
  4. Below each signer, a field labeled “Access Code” will appear 
  5. Enter an alphanumeric code (numbers and letters only – NO special characters) for each signer
  6. Notify each signer of the Access Code by secondary means (e.g. Phone Call, Text Message, LinkedIn Message, Email to a Different Email Address, etc.)

Click Here To Learn How To Notify Signers Of An Access Code.

*Note: entering special characters will prevent you from proceeding with the signature request*