Our ‘Automatic Reminders’ feature makes it easy for you to gently and professionally remind your clients to sign the documents you send to them through ClientSide.

You simply set the frequency of the reminder when you create a Signature Request,  and our platform sends the reminders automatically at the selected frequency.

To set up Automatic Reminders:

  1. From the Home Page, create a new Signature Request
  2. In the New Signature Request box, upload the document(s) you need signed, enter the Client Name, Matter Number and Signer information.
  3. Click the sliding button labeled “Automatic Reminders” that appears below the Signers
  4. Enter the frequency with which you want the Signers to be reminded.
  5. Click “Next”

*Notice: If Sequential Signers is enabled only the next signer in line will receive a reminder*

**Notice: Clients will stop receiving reminders if the signature request is expired, withdrawn or has been completed**