CC Roles is a very useful tool. This feature allows you to send documents to others without requesting for their signature. This can be used to keep a third party, other than the signers or sender, informed with the status of the Signature request. If the CC feature is activated for a form, the email added in the CC box will receive the document and progress notifications of the request.  Click Here To Learn How To Edit Roles or Sequential Signers In Forms

To edit a form (CC Roles):

  1. From the Home screen, go to the “Forms” tab
  2. Locate and select the Form requiring altering and select the blue drop down arrow
  3. Select the “Edit” button from the dropdown menu
  4. A Popup window will appear
  5. A list of roles will appear (These are the roles signing the document
  6. To add CC Role Click the “+ Add CC” button (located bottom right corner)
  7. Type in the role names needed


*Note: Click the” X” the right of the role or a CC role to remove it*

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