Forms allows  you to turn messages and document titles into templates for all your requests. If you make mistakes or want to just change your message follow the instructions bellow. Click Here To learn How To Edit Field Boxes In Forms.

To edit a form (Change Template title or Email Message Template)

  1. From the Home screen, go to the “Forms” tab
  2. Locate and select the Form requiring altering and select the blue drop down arrow
  3. Select the “Edit” button from the dropdown menu
  4. A Popup window will appear
  5. This First screen allows customization of roles and CC Roles
  6. Click continue to proceed to edit the Custom field boxes
  7. Click continue again to proceed to edit the email title and subject
  8. After you are done editing click “Continue” the Forms Portal will appear

*Note: The Title and Message can be edited before sending each individual form.*

Click Here To Learn How To Edit Sequential Signers or Roles In Forms