Forms is a great time-saving feature that allows you to quickly store and send for signature your most frequently-used form documents.

Click Here To Learn How To Create A Form

Now that you have created a Form, how do you use it?

To Send a Form:

  1. From The Home Screen, Click the “Request Signature” button
  2. Select “Use Form”
  3. Select the required Form
  4. If you need to send multiple Forms in one Signature Request, repeat steps 2 -3 until all necessary forms are selected
  5. Enter the appropriate Client, Matter, and choose an Expiration Date
  6. Assign names and emails for each Role (Roles are pre-assigned by you when you create a Form)
  7. Edit the name of your document, your subject line and email message
  8. Review your document and assign, add, delete or fill out the fields in the document
  9. Click “Continue”