ClientSide has a remind feature that will allow you to send a respectful reminder to all signers to ensure that the signature request is completed as quickly as possible.   After you send a signature request, you can send reminders to all parties who have yet to sign the document.  The reminder will send a follow up email with access to the document  and a short message.

To send a reminder:

  1. From the Home screen, go to the “Docket” view
  2. Select the “Pending” tab
  3. Click on the blue down arrow located next to the document for which you need to send a reminder and click “Remind”
  4. A box will then appear, showing you the names and emails of the persons to whom the reminder will be sent
  5. Click “Send Reminder” 

*Note: Reminders will only be sent to signers who have not yet signed the document(s)*

**Note:  If you enabled Sequential Signers when you sent your signature request, the reminder will only be sent to the next signer who must sign, and not to the signers who are later in the queue**