After creating a form it is very easy to go back and to add field boxes, edit sequential signers, change the form name and even change the email message for the request. If your Forms need changes follow the link on the bottom to access tutorial 2/4 of editing forms. Click Here To Learn How To Create A Form.

To edit a form (add roles,  change sequential signers order):

  1. From the Home screen, go to the “Forms” tab
  2. Locate and select the Form requiring altering and select the blue drop down arrow
  3. Click  “Edit” from the dropdown menu
  4. A Popup window will appear
  5. A list of roles will appear, (if the sequential signers feature is enabled it is the order the signers will receive the document)
  6. The order can be changed  by clicking on the arrows located to the left of the role name
  7. To add a role click the “+ Add Role”  button and enter the role name.
  8. After all changes have been made click “continue” until the Forms Page appears.

*Note: To add or remove Sequential Signers Click the checkbox next to “Assign Signer Order”*

Click Here To Learn How To Edit CC Roles In Completed Forms