Forms save an enormous amount of time spent rebuilding the same  documents. Unfortunately sometimes mistakes are made creating the Form. Even though all field boxes can be edited right before sending, Changing them in forms will prevent the same double work on hundreds of documents. Click Here To learn how to edit CC Roles in forms.

To edit a form (Add/delete Field Boxes):

  1. From the Home screen, Go to the “Forms” tab
  2. Locate and select the Form requiring altering and select the blue drop down arrow
  3. Select the “Edit” button from the dropdown menu
  4. A Popup window will appear
  5. This First screen allows customization of roles and CC Roles
  6. Click continue to proceed to edit the Custom field boxes
  7. From this screen you are able to edit field boxes and change the role responsible for filling field boxes
  8. After all changes have been made click “continue” until the Forms Portal appears.

*Note: Field boxes can be edited when sending a Form*

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