CCing Roles is the easiest way to automatically send parties, that do not participate in signing the document a completed copy. The sender and all signers will automatically receive a finished copy of the document, but the CC feature enables other parties such as colleagues or clients to receive a copy of the document without participating in the request.

When a Person is CC’ed onto a signature request, they only receive notifications when the document is completed. The recipient receives an email including a list of signers, completed document, and even an audit trail. In forms, roles are set instead of actual email addresses. These roles are the generic people that will receive a copy of the document.

To CC Addresses (Forms View):

  1. From the Home page, Go to the Forms View and Click “Create New Form”
  2. Upload a document, Insert Form Name, Email Subject, Email Message, and Roles
  3. Then under the “CC Role Names” section, Click the Blue “+ADD” button
  4. Insert as many roles as needed and select “+ADD” after each role is added
  5. Finally Click “Next” and finish creating the form.

CC Role Examples:

  1. Managing Attorney
  2. Case Manager
  3. General Council

*Note If CC Roles is activated, Each “CC Role” must have an email connected to it before it can be sent out.*

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