Big News! We’re excited to announce the follow new, user requested features coming to your account.

Enhanced Docket View

You can now filter based on the Docket User, allowing better organization for your firm’.  Also, you can perform Bulk Actions on multiple signature requests, enabling you to quickly send reminders to multiple clients, or archive completed documents.

Customizable Signature Requests

  • Send Receipt
    • When creating a signature request, click Send Receipt in the rules section to send an email to yourself confirming the successful submission of your request.  Not only is this feature great for record keeping, but it also allows you to easily see who the recipients of the request are, the message it contains, as well as the ability to download the sent document(s).
  • Multiple Signers on one email address
    • Have clients that share one email address for multiple people? You can now add multiple signers using the same email address.
  • Enhanced Carbon-Copy (CC) Notifications
    • Persons specified in the CC section now receive notifications when a signature request is sent, withdrawn, AND completed.

Have an idea? Let us know

We’re always innovating based on feedback from our users.  Contact Us at anytime to let us know how we can better help your practice.