Using Forms

How To Delete A Form

Forms are a great, but sometimes the wrong version of the document is uploaded or the Form is no longer in use. Do not worry it is very easy to delete Forms! To Delete A Form: From the Home Page, Go to the Forms tab select the correct folder with your Form (new forms are […]

How To Rename A Form

All created forms are located in the General Folder under the Forms portal. Forms can be moved to another folder or even renamed. To rename a Form: From the Home page, go to the “Forms” Tab Locate the form name that requires editing Click the blue dropdown button located next to the client’s name Select “Rename” from the dropdown list Enter […]

How To Use “CC Roles” in Forms

CCing Roles is the easiest way to automatically send parties, that do not participate in signing the document a completed copy. The sender and all signers will automatically receive a finished copy of the document, but the CC feature enables other parties such as colleagues or clients to receive a copy of the document without participating […]

How To Edit The Document Title And Email Message In Forms

Forms allows  you to turn messages and document titles into templates for all your requests. If you make mistakes or want to just change your message follow the instructions bellow. Click Here To learn How To Edit Field Boxes In Forms. To edit a form (Change Template title or Email Message Template) From the Home screen, […]

How To Add Or Delete Field Boxes For Completed Forms

Forms save an enormous amount of time spent rebuilding the same  documents. Unfortunately sometimes mistakes are made creating the Form. Even though all field boxes can be edited right before sending, Changing them in forms will prevent the same double work on hundreds of documents. Click Here To learn how to edit CC Roles in forms. To […]

How To Edit CC Roles In Forms

CC Roles is a very useful tool. This feature allows you to send documents to others without requesting for their signature. This can be used to keep a third party, other than the signers or sender, informed with the status of the Signature request. If the CC feature is activated for a form, the email added in the […]

How To Edit Roles/Sequential Signers in forms

After creating a form it is very easy to go back and to add field boxes, edit sequential signers, change the form name and even change the email message for the request. If your Forms need changes follow the link on the bottom to access tutorial 2/4 of editing forms. Click Here To Learn How To Create A […]

Can I Customize My Form Before Sending?

Yes! Before you send a signature request, you will be provided with the option to edit the custom fields in the Form document.  You have the ability to add (or delete) fields, assign them to each Role, and even sign Form document yourself before sending it. Click Here To See How To Sign A Document […]

What Does “Roles” Mean In Forms?

A “Role” is the generic type of signer who will consistently sign your Form.  For example, a “Role” can be that of ‘Attorney’ or ‘Client’, and you will then assign a specific person to that “Role” when you actually send the Signature Request. When you create a Form, you must assign at least one “Role” […]

How To Send A Signature Request Using A Form

Forms is a great time-saving feature that allows you to quickly store and send for signature your most frequently-used form documents. Click Here To Learn How To Create A Form Now that you have created a Form, how do you use it? To Send a Form: From The Home Screen, Click the “Request Signature” button […]

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