Managing Clients

What is the Client View?

The Client View is an organized list of all of your clients. All documents are organized by matter and client in this view.  Every Clients and their pending, signed and archived Signature requests are easily accessible from this view.As well Clients are searchable by first and or last name. The clients view is the most organized manor in which to […]

How To Create A New Matter

Whenever a signature request is sent to a new client, ClientSide automatically creates a new contact and a new matter for the client. A new matter can also be manually added through the Clients portal. The matter feature helps keep all the signature requests organized for your client. To add a new matter: From the Home page, go to the “Clients” view Select […]

What Do My Clients See?

When a Signature Request is sent to a client, they will receive a personalized email from your ClientSide platform. The Email will contain your firm’s logo, a custom subject, and a personalized message. After preparing your document, a box will appear allowing you to enter a personalized message and document title. If the access code feature is activated […]

Can Clients Print Documents Before Signing?

No,  to protect the integrity of the documents, signers are unable to print the documents until all parties have signed.  Once a document is complete, all parties will receive an email with the signed documents attached for their records.  Only then will a signer be able to download and print the document and audit trail. […]

How To Notify Clients Of The Access Code

For security reasons, we specifically avoided a system that notifies the signer of the access code through the same medium. Therefore, after you set the Access Code for a signer, you need to notify that signer of the Access Code.  We strongly encourage a secondary means of notification for the code other than the signer’s email account […]

How To Change A Client’s Name

To change a client’s name: From the Home page, go to the “Clients” view Locate the client whose name requires editing Click the “Edit” button next to the client’s name A box will appear with the client’s current information Enter the updated information and click “Save Changes” *Note:  This is to correct the name of the client as it appears […]

How To Resend A Completed Document

To resend a document (from Client view): From the Home page, go to the “Clients” view Click on the “Signed” tab Locate and select the client and matter containing the document you wish to resend Click on the blue drop down arrow next to the document Select “Resend Completed Document” A box will appear, allowing you to […]

What Is The Docket?

The Docket is where all of your current signature requests are stored and viewed easily.  If a document is sent for signing it will automatically be placed into the Docket section. You are also able to view all signature requests by client in the “Clients” section.  The Docket is separated into three sections:  Pending, Signed, and Archived. […]

How To Remind A Client To Sign

ClientSide has a remind feature that will allow you to send a respectful reminder to all signers to ensure that the signature request is completed as quickly as possible.   After you send a signature request, you can send reminders to all parties who have yet to sign the document.  The reminder will send a follow up email with access to the […]

How To See Who Signed My Request

If a document has NOT been signed by all parties, it will remain as a “Pending” document in the system.  The number of “pending” signers can be quickly viewed next to every document in the Client or docket view.  As well the “Details” view gives a specific view of pending signers and their email addresses. To […]

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