Account Settings

How To Change A Client’s Name

To change a client’s name: From the Home page, go to the “Clients” view Locate the client whose name requires editing Click the “Edit” button next to the client’s name A box will appear with the client’s current information Enter the updated information and click “Save Changes” *Note:  This is to correct the name of the client as it appears […]

How To Log Out

By clicking the “Logout” button at the top righthand corner of the screen.  This button is accessible from anywhere in the platform. For security reasons, you also will be automatically logged out of your account after about fifty (50) minutes of inactivity.  This helps to minimize the risk of someone gaining access to the documents […]

How To Change My Password

Whether you forgot your password or just want to change it.  You can do this easily from your account’s login screen. To change password: Open your preferred internet browser and navigate to your account’s login screen (typically Below the blue “Log In” button, click the “Set A New Password” link  Enter the email address […]

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