The Difference Between a Task and a Workflow

We know that differentiating tasks and workflows can be a little tough to understand, so we thought we would use this post to explain the difference. We hope that by the end of this post you’ll see that by attuning your focus to your workflows (rather than your tasks) you’ll be able to accomplish your larger objectives much more efficiently.

What Is a Task?

A task is a single isolated process that goes into accomplishing a larger objective. Tasks are repeated, usually sequentially, every time a specific, larger objective must be accomplished.

What Is a Workflow?

A workflow is the larger objective. In other words, a workflow is a complex end goal that is achieved by completing its component sub-tasks.

An Example

We know that this difference may seem convoluted, so we wanted to provide a relevant application to illustrate the difference.

Let’s use sending a document out for signature using the traditional print-sign-scan model. Each of these steps (print, sign, scan, email) represents a task. To print a document constitutes a task. To sign the document, another task. To scan the document, you got it, another task. Finally, to email the document, yet another task.

To conceptualize the larger goal that you achieve by way of these subtasks is to understand the larger workflow. The larger goal in this case is to have a document successfully signed; in other words, these tasks are the components of a signing workflow.

How to Apply This to Your Firm

It’s important to note that with this traditional print-sign-scan model, there are more tasks involved than the step-by-step print, sign, scan, email; there are a series of reminders sent on behalf of your law firm and the potential errors and steps taken to remedy those errors just to name a few.

With ClientSide, transcend the traditional step-by-step print-sign-scan-email model by adopting a streamlined signing workflow. Imagine sending your document to your clients with just a few clicks and enabling them to sign anywhere on any device, without missing any fields. Imagine sending automated email reminders in accordance to your schedule.

These are objectives you can accomplish with ClientSide today. If you’d like to see for yourself, start your free trial today!