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3 Tips to Improve Your Follow-Up Strategy

Following-up is an essential skill in virtually every industry. Whether you’re reminding a preexisting client or just trying to make connections, it is likely that at some point, you won’t get a response. So what do you do? You either follow-up or give up! In my mind, giving up is a lost opportunity; whereas following-up […]

Samsung Update: Transition to Monthly Updates

Here’s some exciting news for owners of unlocked Samsung phones. Now, you might be wondering what an unlocked phone is – they’re those that get updates straight from the phone company rather than the carrier. In the past, unlocked Samsung phones were the last ones to receive updates, but that’s about to change! It’s been […]

Four Tips for Effective Networking

When people talk about building a professional network, it’s often associated with attending happy hours and other meetings, shaking a bunch of hands, and collecting business cards. These are surely part of the picture, but too often people don’t realize the serious impact networking can have on their business. Networking is a fundamental skill of […]

How to Increase the Speed of Google Chrome

Increasingly, professional services businesses are choosing Google Chrome as their browser of choice. As with all browsers, it’s important to know how to optimize its speed so you can work as efficiently as possible. Here, I’ll outline some tips to quickly speed up your Google Chrome. Tip 1: Update Chrome  Chrome works best when you’re […]

Top Ways to Improve Your Engagement Letters Part 2

Here we will continue delving into the top mistakes made on engagement letters, and the steps you can take to improve your engagement letters. To catch up, check out part one here. Tip 6: Establish Expectations In the engagement letter, it is a good idea to establish what the client can expect from your relationship. […]

Top Ways to Improve Your Engagement Letters Part 1

Engagement letters are an essential part of a professional services practice; they formally define and establish the terms of your legal relationship with your clients. Too often, though, an engagement letter is weakened by a lack of clarity. Here, I will outline a few aspects of an engagement letter to keep in mind to strengthen your […]

Creating and Using Outlook Templates

We know that a lot of firms base their email in Outlook, and are too often sending the same emails to different people. If you find yourself spending too much time sending repetitive emails through Outlook, you might find it useful to use these steps to create and use email templates. Create Your Email Template […]

Creating and Using Gmail Templates

We know that, in the professional services, often times you are sending the same email to different people. If that’s the situation you are in, you can easily set up Gmail email templates in just a few quick steps to save time and automate your process. Creating the Template Step 1: In the upper right-hand corner […]

The Difference Between a Task and a Workflow

We know that differentiating tasks and workflows can be a little tough to understand, so we thought we would use this post to explain the difference. We hope that by the end of this post you’ll see that by attuning your focus to your workflows (rather than your tasks) you’ll be able to accomplish your […]